Seoul Metropolitan Library

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  • About the Library The Information Center of Seoul
  • Use of Library The library is available for everyone.
  • Facilities Guide by facility information and opening hours.
  • Location How to get transportation assistance.

About the Library

Use of Library

  • The library is available for everyone.
  • Materials in the library can be checked out only after library card issuance.

Library Card Issuance

  • Library cards are only issued to online members.
    ※ Although we provide computers for public use, if you sign up on our website before your visit, you can get a card easier and faster.
  • Membership Eligibility and Documents
    Membership Eligibility and Documents
    Eligibility Documents
    Adults in Seoul Identification card (Resident Registration Card or a driver license with residence in Seoul)
    Minors in Seoul An identification document (student card or a copy of Resident Registration)
    Toddlers and Elementary School Students in Seoul To be accompanied by a parent (a parent’s identification card, medical insurance card, and a document verifying a family relationship)
    Workers in Seoul Identification card and employment card (or proof of employment)
    Students Attending a School in Seoul Identification card and student card (or proof of enrollment)
    International Residents Certificate of Alien Registration and a document verifying residence in Seoul
  • Issuance Cost: free of charge
    (※ Reissuance is possible 7 days after reporting the loss or damage of the initial card. Fees may be charged.)

Checking Out Resources

  • Eligibility: visitors with a library card
    Type Number of Items Borrowing Period
    Books 3 items 14 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
    (only movie and animation)
    3 items 7 days
    braille books 5 items 30 days
    e-Books 5 items 7 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
  • Some resources in Seoul Document Collections, Global Collections, References, Journals and Periodicals, and Visual Resources may not be checked out.
  • Returned resources are available for check out the next day.

Unattended Drop Box

  • Location : outside the back door of 1st Floor.
  • An unattended drop box is available on days when the library is closed.


Checked out resources can be reserved.

  • Number of Reserved Items: 3 items (Up to three persons can reserve a checked out item (on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Reservation status is notified through e-mail or text service.

Suggesting a Purchase

Library members can suggest the purchase of an item that is not available in the library.

  • Number of Items for a Purchase: up to five items per person (per month)

Library Homepage Information

The library offers specialized online information services.

The library offers specialized online information services.
Service Names Services
Meta Search Search for resources in over 320 libraries in Seoul
Library Search in Seoul Offers information on public libraries, school libraries, and professional libraries in Seoul (such as location and user information)
e-Book Service Offers over 9,547 electronic books
Online Reference Service One-on-one services on public administration in Seoul and studies on Seoul as well as related database and services
Friends of the Library Recruiting information on resource volunteers, talent volunteers, and professional experts


  • Regular Closings: Mondays
  • Temporary Closings: legally-mandated national holidays except Sunday(Saturdays or Sundays may be closed when they overlap with national holidays) or temporary holidays designated by the government