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No. 제목 저자 발행처 발행년도 입수일
1 Athena rising :how and why men should mentor women [by] W. Brad Johnson Bibliomotion, Inc 2016 20210924
2 Brain teasers for dogs :quick and easy homemade puzzle games [by] Christina Sondermann Quiller 2018 20210924
3 Bound :15 beautiful bookbinding projects [by] Rachel Hazell Kyle Books 2018 20210924
4 Bosh! healthy vegan [by] Henry Firth HQ 2019 20210924
5 Blueprint [by] Theresia Enzensberger Dialogue Books 2019 20210924
6 Blood :a memoir [by] Allison Moorer Da Capo Press 2019 20210924
7 Block print magic :the essential guide to designing, carving, and taking your artwork further with relief printing [by] Emily Louise Howard Rockport Publishers 2019 20210924
8 Blitzscaling :the lightning-fast path to building massively valuable companies [by] Reid Hoffman HarperCollins Publishers 2018 20210924
9 Black river [by] Will Dean Point Blank 2020 20210924
10 Between the stops :the view of my life from the top of the number 12 bus [by] Sandi Toksvig Virago Press 2019 20210924
11 Best.movie.year.ever. :how 1999 blew up the big screen [by] Brian Raftery Simon & Schuster 2019 20210924
12 Being the boss :the 3 imperatives for becoming a great leader [by] Linda A. Hill Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
13 Beginner's guide to screen printing :12 beautiful printing projects with templates [by] Erin Lacy Search Press 2019 20210924
14 Becoming a manager :how new managers master the challenges of leadership [by] Linda A. Hill Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
15 Away with the penguins [by] Hazel Prior Bantam Press 2020 20210924
16 Author in chief :the untold story of our presidents, and the books they wrote [by] Craig Fehrman Avid Reader Press 2020 20210924
17 Attached :are you anxious, avoidant or secure? how the science of adult attachment can help you find-and keep-love [by] Amir Levine Bluebird books for life 2019 20210924
18 Do dice play god? :the mathematics of uncertainty [by] Ian Stewart Profile Books 2019 20210924
19 Disrupt yourself :master relentless change and speed up your learning curve [by] Whitney Johnson Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
20 Dead famous :an unexpected history of celebrity from bronze age to silver screen [by] Greg Jenner Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2020 20210924
21 Dark, salt, clear :the life of a fishing town [by] Lamorna Ash Bloomsbury Publishing 2020 20210924
22 Damascus [by] Christos Tsiolkas Atlantic Books 2020 20210924
23 Crushed [by] Kate Hamer Faber & Faber 2019 20210924
24 Consolations :the solace, nourishment and underlying meaning of everyday words [by] David Whyte Canongate 2019 20210924
25 Connected strategy :building continuous customer relationships for competitive advantage [by] Nicolaj Siggelkow Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
26 Conjure women :a novel [by] Afia Atakora 4th Estate 2020 20210924
27 Competing in the age of AI :strategy and leadership when algorithms and networks run the world [by] Marco Iansiti Harvard Business Review Press 2020 20210924
28 Coming up for air [by] Sarah Leipciger Doubleday 2020 20210924
29 Chris beat cancer :a comprehensive plan for healing naturally [by] Chris Wark Hay House, Inc 2018 20210924
30 Cherry [by] Nico Walker Jonathan Cape 2019 20210924
31 Central Saint Martins Foundation :key lessons in art and design [by] Lucy Alexander Ilex Press 2019 20210924
32 Can we be happier? :evidence and ethics [by] Richard Layard Pelican 2020 20210924
33 Business is personal :be the leader of your life and business [by] Penny Power Panoma Press 2019 20210924
34 Burnout :solve your stress cycle [by] Emily Nagoski Vermilion 2020 20210924
35 Breaking & mending :a junior doctor’s stories of compassion & burnout [by] Joanna Cannon Wellcome Collection 2019 20210924
36 Brave new Arctic :the untold story of the melting North [by] Mark C. Serreze Princeton University Press 2020 20210924
37 Everyday chaos :technology, complexity, and how we’re thriving in a new world of possibility [by] David Weinberger Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
38 Europe :a natural history [by] Tim Flannery Atlantic Monthly Press 2019 20210924
39 Etching :an artist's guide [by] Ann Norfield The Crowood Press Ltd 2019 20210924
40 Essential techniques of landscape drawing :master the concepts and methods for observing and rendering nature [by] Suzanne Brooker Watson-Guptill Publications 2018 20210924
41 English Monsters [by] James Scudamore Jonathan Cape 2020 20210924
42 Electric brain :how the new science of brainwaves reads minds, tells us how we learn, and helps us change for the better [by] R. Douglas Fields BenBella Books 2020 20210924
43 Eating for pleasure, people & planet [by] Tom Hunt Kyle Books 2020 20210924
44 Eat more veg [by] Annie Rigg National Trust Books 2020 20210924
45 Easy knitted fingerless gloves :stylish japanese knitting patterns for hand, wrist and arm warmers [by] Nihon Vogue Tuttle Publishing 2019 20210924
46 Dublin's great wars :the First World War, the Easter Rising and the Irish Revolution [by] Richard S. Grayson Cambridge University Press 2018 20210924
47 Drive-thru dreams :a journey through the heart of America's fast-food kingdom [by] Adam Chandler Flatiron Books 2019 20210924
48 Drink? :the new science of alcohol + your health [by] David Nutt Yellow Kite 2020 20210924
49 Drawing the head for artists :techniques for mastering expressive portraiture [by] Oliver Sin Quarry Books 2019 20210924
50 Draw faces in 15 minutes :the super-fast drawing technique anyone can lewrn [by] Jake Spicer Ilex Press 2018 20210924
51 Dragman [by] Steven Appleby Jonathan Cape 2020 20210924
52 Dominicana [by] Angie Cruz John Murray 2020 20210924
53 Dog is love :the science of why and how your dog loves you [by] Clive Wynne Quercus 2019 20210924
54 Do morals matter? :presidents and foreign policy from FDR to Trump [by] Joseph S. Nye, Jr Oxford University Press 2020 20210924
55 Hand spinning :essential technical and creative skills [by] Pam Austin The Crowood Press 2018 20210924
56 Grow food for free [by] Huw Richards DK 2020 20210924
57 Gorgeous! :how to look and feel fantastic every day [by] Adele Stickland Panoma Press 2019 20210924
58 Going dark :the secret social lives of extremists [by] Julia Ebner Bloomsbury Publishing 2020 20210924
59 Glass Town [by] Isabel Greenberg Jonathan Cape 2020 20210924
60 Fundamental :how quantum and particle physics explain absolutely everything [by] Tim James Pegasus Books 2020 20210924
61 Franklin & Washington :the founding partnership [by] Edward J. Larson William Morrow 2020 20210924
62 Fragile lives :a heart surgeon’s stories of life and death on the operating table [by] Stephen Westaby HarperCollins Publishers 2018 20210924
63 Foxfire, wolfskin and other stories of shapeshifting women [by] Sharon Blackie September Publishing 2019 20210924
64 Forest therapy :seasonal ways to embrace nature for a happier you [by] Sarah Ivens Piatkus 2018 20210924
65 For the good times [by] David Keenan Faber & Faber 2020 20210924
66 Five minute mum :give me five: five minute fun activities for busy people to do with little kids [by] Daisy Upton Penguin Books 2020 20210924
67 Fit to compete :why honest conversations about your company's capabilities are the key to a winning strategy [by] Michael Beer Harvard Business Review Press 2020 20210924
68 Fibershed :growing a movement of farmers, fashion activists, and makers for a new textile economy [by] Rebecca Burgess Chelsea Green Publishing 2019 20210924
69 Feminists don't wear pink and other lies :amazing women on what the f-word means to them curated by Scarlett Curtis Penguin Books 2020 20210924
70 Females [by] Andrea Long Chu Verso 2019 20210924
71 Feel the fear and do it anyway [by] Susan Jeffers Vermilion 2019 20210924
72 Fast asleep :How to get a really good night's rest [by] Michael Mosley Short Books 2020 20210924
73 Fake law :the truth about justice in an age of lies [by] The Secret Barrister Picador 2020 20210924
74 Explaining humans :what science can teach us about life, love and relationships [by] Camilla Pang Viking 2020 20210924
75 How to have impossible conversations :a very practical guide [by] Peter Boghossian Life Long 2019 20210924
76 How to draw inky wonderlands :create and colour your own magical adventure [by] Johanna Basford Virgin Books 2019 20210924
77 How to build a healthy brain :reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future-proof your brain [by] Kimberley Wilson Yellow Kite 2020 20210924
78 How not to get married :confessions of a wedding photographer [by] George Mahood Independently published 2019 20210924
79 House of glass :the story and secrets of a twentieth-century Jewish family [by] Hadley Freeman 4th Estate 2020 20210924
80 Hostile environment :how immigrants became scapegoats [by] Maya Goodfellow Verso Books 2019 20210924
81 Horror stories :a memoir [by] Liz Phair Random House 2019 20210924
82 Hope without optimism [by] Terry Eagleton Yale University Press 2019 20210924
83 Hollow kingdom :a novel [by] Kira Jane Buxton Headline Review 2019 20210924
84 Histories of the unexpected :how everything has a history [by] Sam Willis Atlantic Books 2018 20210924
85 Hinch yourself happy :all the best cleaning tips to shine your sink and soothe your soul [by] Mrs Hinch Michael Joseph 2019 20210924
86 High school [by] Tegan Quin Virago 2019 20210924
87 Heroes :mortals and monsters quests and adventures [by] Stephen Fry Michael Joseph 2018 20210924
88 Helping the good do better :how a white hat lobbyist advocates for social change [by] Thomas F. Sheridan Twelve 2019 20210924
89 Helping people change :coaching with compassion for lifelong learning and growth [by] Richard Boyatzis Harvard Business Review Press 2019 20210924
90 Hard pushed :a midwife’s story [by] Leah Hazard Arrow Books 2020 20210924
91 Happy fat :taking up space in a world that wants to shrink you [by] Sofie Hagen 4th Estate 2019 20210924
92 Happy ever after [by] C. C. MacDonald Harvill Secker 2020 20210924
93 I'm worth more :realize your value. unleash your potential [by] Rob Moore John Murray Learning 2019 20210924
94 I'm telling the truth, but I'm lying :essays [by] Bassey Ikpi Harper Perennial 2019 20210924
95 If women rose rooted :a life-changing journey to authenicity and belonging [by] Sharon Blackie September Publishing 2019 20210924
96 I like to watch :arguing my way through the TV revolution [by] Emily Nussbaum Random House 2019 20210924
97 I can run :an empowering guide to running well far [by] Amy Lane Yellow Kite 2020 20210924
98 I am dynamite! :a life of Friedrich Nietzsche [by] Sue Prideaux Faber & Faber 2019 20210924
99 Hype yourself :a no-nonsense PR toolkit for small businesses [by] Lucy Werner Practical Inspiration Publishing 2020 20210924
100 Hygge :unlock the Danish art of coziness and happiness [by] Barbara Hayden Independently published 2019 20210924
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