Seoul Metropolitan Library

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서울도서관 로고

Use of Library

  • Hours of Service
    Hours of Service
    Weekday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
    Weekend 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • The library is available for everyone.
  • Materials in the library can be checked out only after library card issuance.
  • join membership

Library Card Issuance

  • Library cards are only issued to online members.
    ※ Although we provide computers for public use, if you sign up on our website before your visit, you can get a card easier and faster.
  • Membership Eligibility and Documents Required
    Membership Eligibility and Documents
    Eligibility Documents
    Adults living in Seoul Identification Card (Identification Card showing the current address. If the current address is not shown on the Identification Card, Identification Card along with a copy of Resident Registration is required.)
    Youth living in Seoul ① Identification Card( Identification Card showing the holder's identity and current address. If the current address is not shown on the Identification Card, Student Card along with a copy of Resident Registration is required.)
    ② Guardians cannot apply for library card issuance on behalf of youth.
    Toddlers and Elementary School Students To receive a library card, toddlers and elementary school students should visit the library with their guardian (legal representative) and present the guardian's(legal representative) Identification Card and Medical Issuance Card or other documents proving a family relationship such as a copy of Resident Registration.
    Employees working in Seoul Identification Card(to confirm identification) + Employment Card or Proof of Employment(Identification Card showing the workplace address.)
    Students attending college or graduate school in Seoul Identification card (to confirm identification) + Student Card(Identification Card showing the school address.)
    International residents Certificate of Alien Registration(Identification Card showing the holder's identity and current address.)
    ※ Only original documents will be accepted.(Photos or copies will not be accepted. Passports will not be accepted as an Identification Card since it does not show the current address.)
  • Issuance Cost: free of charge

Checking Out Resources

  • Eligibility: visitors with a library card
    Type Number of Items Borrowing Period
    Books 5 items 15 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
    (only movie and animation)
    3 items 15 days
    braille books 5 items 30 days
    e-Books 5 items 15 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
    Subscribe e-Books 3 items 15 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
    Foreign e-Books 3 items 15 days(1-time, 7-day renewal)
  • Some resources in Seoul Document Collections, Global Collections, References, Journals and Periodicals, and Visual Resources may not be checked out.
  • Returned resources are available for check out the next day.

Unattended Drop Box

  • Location : outside the back door of 1st Floor.
  • The unattended drop box is available to return books with when the library is closed.(9:00 pm ~ 9:00 am)
  • Materials that cannot be returned via the unattended drop box : DVDs and books with attached materials (Return the materials to the check-out desk.)


Checked out resources can be reserved.

  • After receiving the text message, you should come within three days.
  • You must use your own library card
  • Number of Reserved Items: 3 items (Up to three persons can reserve a checked out item (on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Reservation information is sent via SMS.

Suggesting a Purchase

Library members can suggest the purchase of an item that is not available in the library.

  • Number of items that can be requested : up to 3 items a month per person, limited to a total of 15 items per year


  • Regular Closings: Mondays
  • Temporary Closings: legally-mandated national holidays except Sunday(Saturdays or Sundays may be closed when they overlap with national holidays) or temporary holidays designated by the government

Use of Preservation section

  • Old books or books frequently not used are preserved in the Preservation Section. You can access the books in the Preservation Section by making advanced reservations
    Log in to the library website -> Visit the sen/ice menu of Preservation Section and click the "신청하기" button to make a reservation -> You will be notified via SMS when the requested book is ready -> After receiving SMS, visit Perservation Section to access the requested book
  • Preservation Section Regulations
    Membership Eligibility and Documents
    Available time Requested time
    Tuesday to Friday 12:00 Previous day 16:00 ~ On the day 10:00
    Tuesday to Friday 17:00 On the day 10:00 ~ 16:00
    ※ Closed on Monday, weekend and public holiday. Requests after 4pm on Friday will be available after 12pm following Tuesday.

Library Service for People with Disabilities

  • Eligibility : Blind people, deaf people, physically challenged people, people aged 65 and over, print-disabled people, etc.
  • Available facilities : Disability Collections (reading area, PC], Sign Language Materials Room, and Voice Reading Room
  • Resources and service : Providing braille materials, sign-language materials, and screen reader program
  • Assistive devices for the disabled
    Reading magnifiers, one handed keyboards, braille keyboards, hearing aids, height adjustable desks, braille printers, etc.
    * All Library rooms have height adjustable desks.
  • Online counseling system for the disabled and Chaek Narae service (free book delivery service)

Reference Service

  • Librarians answer your questions about Seoul’s administration as well as Seoul studies based on the books owned by the Seoul Metropolitan library.
  • Available facilities : Disability Collections (reading area, PC], Sign Language Materials Room, and Voice Reading Room
  • How to us
    Log in to hte website -> Seoul Knowledge & Information -> Seoul Information Service
    • Search for your question from Q&A. If not found, select ( Ask a Librarian) or (Make Inquiries)
    • Agree to the Collection and Use of Personal Information, select (Submit Your Question) and click Submit.
    • he answer will be sent by e-mail
  • Precautions
    • The answered questions will not be deleted. The questioners are not disclosed, but all answered questions are posted on the website for nformation sharing.
    • Services not provided
      - Translation and finished work for school assignment
      - Questions about lawsuits requiring professional legal knowledge
      - Knowledge about land, real estate, genealogy, finance, etc.

Culture Day [Double Day!]

  • Number of books that can be checked out: 5 > 10, on the Last Wednesday of each month (If the library is closed, the event is canceled.)
  • Target : Books that can be checked out
  • Collections : General Collections I & II, Global Collections (except materials donated by the embassies and cultural centers), and Disability Collections (5 braille books and 3 audio books)